If you have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning, you’re not alone. There’s something cathartic about a clean, clutter-free home. Still, the last thing most of us want to do is spend the first warm-weather weekend cleaning the house we’ve been cooped up in. 

On the bright side, a deep clean not only helps minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria—it promotes respiratory wellness by keeping dust and dirt at bay. At the same time, spring cleaning may be just the mental boost we need to lift the weight of winter off our shoulders.

But just how “clean” are your cleaning products and rituals? Many conventional cleaners are loaded with chemicals that not only affect our health but can pollute the air and end up in waterways or landfills. To avoid many of these common pitfalls, consider giving your routine an eco-friendly overhaul by eliminating everything from formulas that contain questionable ingredients to single-use disposals and unnecessary plastic packaging.

All Norwex® products are designed with one goal in mind: To keep our homes and our families (including Mother Earth) safer. There are cost-savings, too. Just a few simple swaps can make spring cleaning kinder to you, your pocketbook and the planet.

Swap #1: Replace just about every cleaning cloth you’ve ever used with our exclusive EnviroCloth®.

Instead of relying on chemicals, Norwex harnesses the physical power of our amazing microfiber and water alone to remove up to 99% of bacteria to easily and thoroughly clean just about any surface.*

  • EnviroCloths are lint-free, nonabrasive and super-absorbent. (Fun fact: They hold up to seven times their weight in water.)
  • When used dry, the microfiber creates an electrostatic charge that picks up and holds even the smallest dust particles.
  • When used wet, it eliminates 53 chemicals typically used in the home (based on a 2020 comparison of Norwex to 18 retails brand cleaning products).
  • As it dries, our BacLock® micro silver antibacterial agent self-purifies to reduce mold, fungi and bacterial odor within the cloth, so it stays fresher, longer.**
  • There’s no need for all-purpose household spray cleaners, saving you up to $14 a year. And you’ll save even more by avoiding paper towels.

Be sure to check out our complete assortment of multi-tasking microfiber cloths for counters, sinks, stovetops, dishes, pots, pans and more. Like all Norwex Microfiber, they carry a two-year warranty.

TIP: Cleaning Paste works in tandem with the EnviroCloth to tackle extra-tough stains, scuff marks and grime (even permanent marker). Plus, one little jar contains enough for almost 4,000 uses.

Swap #2: Instead of glass cleaner and paper towels, use a Norwex Window Cloth.

Once the sun comes shining through, sparkling windows do wonders to make your house lighter, brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Silky, tightly woven microfiber provides a streak-free clean. (It works on mirrors and other shiny surfaces, too.)
  • Removes dirt, dust, grit and grime that can build up, both inside and out.
  • Conventional window cleaners often contain health-damaging chemicals.
  • Save up to $85 a year by cutting back on spray cleaners and paper towels.

TIP: Clean windows on an overcast or cloudy day. Direct sunlight can make glass dry too quickly, causing streaks and smears.

Our Hand-Held Squeegee System quickly removes water to leave windows and other surfaces dry and super shiny. And for hard-to-reach places, simply snap the flexible rubber blade onto our Telescopic Mop Handle.

Swap #3: Norwex’s Dusting Mitt replaces traditional dust sprays and single-use paper towels.

A thorough dusting removes dust and allergens that can accumulate throughout the winter. Plus, dust is dirtier than you might think: It contains up to 45 potentially detrimental chemicals including PFASs, phenols and phthalates. (Learn more about “What’s In Your Dust.”)

  • Dense, plush, electrostatically charged microfibers attract and trap allergens and dust particles. That’s good news since typical cotton rags and feather dusters just spread dust around.
  • Many aerosol sprays contain highly toxic chemicals (including neurotoxins and carcinogens) that are hazardous for adults, children, even pets. They also emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to ground-level ozone levels, a key component of asthma-inducing smog.
  • Conventional sprays are also expensive. Combined with the cost of paper towels, it can add up to about $87 annually.

TIP: Dust is like snow—it falls from top to bottom. Always start with the highest fixtures and items (think ceiling fans, tall blinds, top bookshelves), then work your way down.

Our bendable EnviroWand® easily cleans furniture, lampshades, bookshelves, windowsills and screens, blinds, fans and more. In addition, like our squeegee, it attaches to any of our mop handles to make quick work of difficult-to-dust spots. And did you know up to 85% of contaminants are brought indoors in the first four steps? Our Entry Mat, made of super-absorbent microfiber and stiff polypropylene bristles, traps dirt at the door.

Swap #4: Norwex’s Superior Mop Starter System is an eco- and budget-friendly alternative to traditional sweeper mops and single-use pads.

  • The miracle of microfiber means our Mop System uses only water to give floors and other surfaces a safe, immaculate clean.
  • Save up to $40 a year by eliminating the need for cleaning solutions and replacement pads. They’re not only pricey but put an undue burden on the environment.
  • Mop up everything, everywhere: Norwex offers reusable pads for almost every surface.

Need extra cleaning power? Our Rubber Broom Attachment is perfect for removing even the most stubborn pet hair, debris and dust bunnies.

TIP: When mopping, start in the corner farthest from the entrance and work your way backwards toward the door using a figure-8 motion.

Swap #5: Choose plant- and enzyme-powered formulas and highly concentrated products over conventional cleaners.

For all your springtime chores, Norwex’s plant- and enzyme-powered formulas provide a sustainable, super-effective clean. You get great results without sacrificing your family’s health.

The following household helpers will do some of the heavy lifting for you.

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate goes to work on tough grease and grime indoors, outside, even in the garage.
  • Odour Eliminator provides a fresh, natural scent in any room of the house.
  • Give mattresses, pillows, comforters and fabric furniture a seasonal clean with our enzyme-based Mattress Cleaner.
  • Just in time for grilling season, our biodegradable, enzyme-powered Oven and Grill Cleaner safely dissolves burnt-on food and greasy spills.

Concentrated products offer yet another money-saving benefit. You’re not paying for water, typically the main ingredient in most cleaners.

Swap #6: Use Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls instead of fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

 Make freshening up bedding part of your spring cleaning regimen. (Always check labels for care instructions.) Our wool dryer balls absorb heat and allow air to circulate, helping to fluff and dry laundry quickly.

  • Pure New Zealand wool is a much healthier alternative to dryer sheets, which can contain up to 25 harmful chemicals.†…
  • A few drops of essential oil give laundry and linens a fresh, springy scent.

TIP: Try springtime-ready scents like geranium, lemon, tangerine, cedarwood, bergamot and tea tree.

A few simple shifts can have a major impact—to your health, your finances and the planet. 

*When following proper care and use instructions.
**BacLock is our antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. It is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product.
†Chemical emissions from residential dryer vents during use of fragranced laundry products. Anne C. Steinemann, et al. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 6, 151–156 (2013)